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The FROST collection was inspired by the European winter. Eliise has strived to replicate the texture of the water crystals that form into stunning shapes on windows. The texture is designed to bring the piece life, to give it character. The texture is applied individually to give every piece a unique look. The textured surface is very practical, hiding any signs of visible wear that might occur over time. The FROST collection is designed to be worn together with other collections such as MOON and XO. Ideal if you're looking for a more playful and stacked look.

Fine Frost Amethyst

From $345 AUD

Fine Frost Citrine

From $575 AUD

Fine Frost Crystal

From $345 AUD

Fine Frost Garnet

From $375 AUD

Fine Frost Morganite Gold

From $1,050 AUD

Fine Frost Rose Quartz

From $575 AUD