A timeless collection of signature and classic wedding rings created for every individual who honours the undying, harmonious and wild. Designed, handcrafted and made-to-order by Eliise Maar in her Melbourne studio. Eliise works intimately with each client, crafting the perfect ring for you and your unique celebration of love.  

Discover our collection of signature Frost wedding rings featuring the distinct Frost texture unique to Eliise Maar designs. Hand-applied to the very top layer of the ring, the band retains a soft, polished finish for comfortable wear. The Frost range is perfect for every day as the texture hides the signs of wear and tear. However, like any beautiful piece of jewellery, it will require occasional professional servicing. 

Our classic collection of wedding rings and bands are made-to-last generations. Make yours special by selecting your finish, colour, style or stone. All wedding rings are comfort-fit, meaning they have slightly rounded edges inside for easy wear. 
For bespoke wedding rings please fill on the enquiry form below.

Finding the right width for your wedding ring
To determine the desired width of the ring, we recommend measuring and cutting out a strip of paper, and wrapping it around your finger. The most common width for men's rings is 4mm - 5mm. For women, 2.2mm - 4mm wide.

Determining the right ring size
To determine the most accurate size for the ring, make sure to try similar width rings that you intend to buy. Why? Because your ring size might vary depending on the width of the rings. The wider the ring, the larger the ring size.

How to know if the ring size is right?
Your wedding ring needs to feel comfortable. Don't measure the size depending on how hard it goes over the knuckle of your finger. Make sure that once the ring is on it feels comfortable - not too tight, not too loose. Your ring size will also vary depending on the seasons: larger during the heat of summertime and smaller during the coolness of winter.