About Eliise Maar Jewellery

Her unique collections are handmade in her beautiful Melbourne studio from the finest metals and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. " We only engage with the best in the industry. All our suppliers are part of JAA (Jewellery Association of Australia) or have equivilent credentials worldwide. The gemstones we use are handpicked by gemologists to guarantee the highest quality, " says Eliise. 

Never limited to trend or time, Eliise Maar’s diverse and holistic collections encompass jewellery for every day, occasion or style. Just like the wearer, every piece is unique and designed to be a modern heirloom to last throughout time. We take pride in being inclusive and respect every individual. 

Born-and-bred in Europe, Eliise felt an intrinsic calling to create from a young age. In 2013, she felt the calling to found her first jewellery label. Her love for the elemental, raw and wild ignites her work. She uses the etheric beauty of European landscapes, the wonder of the natural world, and the duality of life as her muse.

“My jewellery lines are inspired by different moments and experiences in nature,” Eliise says. “For example, the FROST collection is an ode to the cold, crisp magic of winter time.”

More than purely a jewellery label, Eliise Maar invokes an intimate philosophy of what it means to be an individual through every piece. “There is no one like the other. We are all so original, distinct and different,” Eliise says. “I love to remind my clients of this through my designs. That’s why they are so chameleonic. They are purpose-designed to transform and take on the essence of you. Not just to be worn but born to become a part of you.”