Beauty, Craft and Purpose.

Impactful pieces with a story behind and in front of them. This is the focus of Eliise Maar Jewellery. Originally a fine artist, Eliise found that jewellery design combined the aesthetics and beauty of her previous art with the technicalities of being wearable in everyday life. We place immense pride on creating timeless pieces with purpose to be worn and adored for a lifetime


At EMJ we believe that jewellery goes beyond aesthetic, each piece tells and the impact it has on the world. We are committed to sustainability, respect and community support. Each piece is custom made to order by hand in our Melbourne studio. We work exclusively with recycled and refined metals. Our tight-knit community of local suppliers are all JAA (Jewellery Association of Australia) accredited. We ensure that all of our pieces are completed to the highest quality and reflect the strong values our brand upholds. 

Our jewellery is more than just an accessory, it is an investment in love and memories. We love working incredibly closely with everyone receiving our jewellery to ensure the pieces meet all of your requirements. This is one of our unique characteristics, our pieces are made for you. Our design process is founded on interaction and respect.


About Our Founder, Eliise.


Eliise, originally from Estonia, moved to Australia in 2013. Starting off as a fine artist experimenting with surrealist and abstract paintings and sculptures, she applies this fine tuned creative skill to all her designs. With the business first established in 2015 Eliise started with a one man team, hand making and selling all the pieces herself. Since then the business and team have organically grown and developed. 


Eliise believes that good design is the intersection of minimalism and organised mess. Sophisticated and timeless with a little bit of flair that is still polished and high quality. A key focus of Eliises designs is how the different combinations and sets create a uniqueness for each individual person. Two different simple designs, when combined can have be interesting and impactful combination. 


Eliise has a strong passion for people and draws much inspiration and drive from the meetings she has with clients. She places much value on the intimacy of the design process and the relationship she builds with those going through it. The motivation behind her work is to create pieces which people will hold dear for their lifetime and be passed on for generations to come.