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Wide Frost Gold


$575 AUD

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Metal: 9k yellow gold (375)
Measurements: 9.5mm wide / 1mm thick

The wide version of the classic Frost ring is perfect for an everyday easy to wear ring. If you like simple designs that compliment any outfit you might be wearing - this one is probably the way to go. It´s flat surface makes it easy to stack and pair with other rings you might already have. Wide Frost comes in four kinds of metals - sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
If you´d like the ring made out of any higher karat than 9k gold please email We also work with platinum.

The FROST collection was inspired by the European winter. Eliise has strived to replicate the texture of the water crystals that form into stunning shapes on windows. The texture is designed to bring the piece life, to give it character. The texture is applied individually to give every piece a unique look. The textured surface is very practical, hiding any signs of visible wear that might occur over time. The FROST collection is designed to be worn together with other collections such as MOON and XO. Ideal if you're looking for a more playful and stacked look.


We encourage you to visit your local jeweller or jewellery shop to have your finger professionally measured. Depending on the width of the ring, the ring size might vary. So which ever ring you like, try a ring with similar measurements to make sure the size is comfortable. For instance with wider rings, we recommend going up half a size to ensure the ring is not too tight.







9K Gold - (370) 37.5% gold by mass. It's very strong and durable. Is also more affordable because of the lower gold ratio. White gold is mixed with Palladium giving it the white colour (rhodium plated). Rose gold is mixed with copper to achieve the rosy pinkish colour. If you have sensitive skin, we do not recommend 9K rose gold because of the higher % of copper.

14K Gold - (585) 58,5% gold by mass. We only use 14K yellow gold.

18K Gold - (750) 75% gold by mass. More of a warmer color in yellow and rose gold because of the high percentage of gold.

Platinum - (PLT) 95% platinum, mixed with 5% palladium. The strongest and purest of the metals. Very durable and keeps it's white colour with only minimal care. All platinum pieces are also rhodium plated. Platinum is significantly more dense than 14k or 18k gold and the identical piece of jewellery in platinum will weigh 60% to 80% more than 14k or 18k gold.

* White gold might need more care over time, depending on the wearer. Over time, the protective rhodium layer will eventually wear off, leaving a slight yellowish tint to the metal. This is common for white gold and just needs to be re-plated and polished to restore the whiteness. Rhodium plating is also nickel free.




As beautiful all the gemstones are, they also have different characteristics and should be considered when buying a piece of jewellery. Some gemstones are more ''softer'' than others and therefore can scratch more easily or break when hit strong. You wouldn't want that to happen. See the Mohs Gemstone Hardness scale to make sure your gemstone hardness is suitable for an everyday wear. For engagement rings we recommend gemstones between 7/7.5-10.



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    Wide Frost Gold