Sustainability & Ethics

Eliise Maar Jewellery takes pride in ethical jewellery manufacturing and material sourcing.

All our pieces are made to order in our Melbourne studio by highly trained local jewellers and diamond setters.

Our diamonds are ethically sourced and GIA Certified from suppliers that are part of Jewellery Association of Australia (JAA) which guarantees conflict free sourcing. We also work with lab grown diamonds and moissanites. Coloured gemstones are also sourced only from local suppliers that are part of JAA. All gemstones are handpicked in the sourcing process by highly trained gemologists to guarantee the best quality of gemstones.

We use Green Metal Casting, meaning we use refined and recycled materials.

We all know that mining continues to have devastating effects on the environment.  By reducing the demand for newly mined material and
re-using refined recycled materials, we are helping to reduce pollution, reduce emissions and reverse the effects of climate change – even in our own small way -  but every little bit helps.