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Bespoke Wedding & Engagement Rings

All Eliise Maar wedding and engagement rings are made to order in her Melbourne based studio. We put a lot of love into every single piece of jewellery we make. Frost texture is unique to Eliise Maar pieces. It's on the very top layer of the ring and has a soft,polished finish, making it comfortable to wear. Frost texture is also practical because it will hide the signs of wear. However like any beautiful piece of jewellery, it will require occasional cleaning.

Engagement rings
Shop the range of some of the ready designed engagement rings. For more information about a bespoke piece please fill in the Enquiry form so we can get an initial idea of what you would have in mind.  We typically get back to you the next business day. You can also visit our Metal & Gemstone Guide for ideas.

Wedding rings
To determine the desired width of the ring, we'd recommend measuring and cutting out a strip of paper, wrapping it around your finger. Most common width for men's rings is 4-5mm.
You can also choose the final finish of the ring- matte or shiny. All rings are comfort fit meaning they have slightly rounded edges inside making them comfortable to wear.