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After placing your order, you'll receive the order confirmation. Each and every piece of Eliise Maar jewellery made to order and is hand crafted from the finest metals to last you a lifetime.

Filling your order takes up to 7-10 business days. 

All prices shown on this website are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of relevant sales tax(es).

For exported goods, the relevant taxes will be added by the receiver country´s customs. Usually your local VAT and in some cases duty.

Shipping & delivery times might vary depending on the destination. After your order has been filled, you will receive a confirmation email with the parcel's tracking number.

As a guide, the below are estimated delivery times (following dispatch) but do not include Customs processing in the purchaser’s country:

    • Australia (East Coast) – 4 business days
    • Australia (West Coast) – 6 business days
    • Europe – 7-10 business days

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